Teaching experience of the author/presenter, Ian Moore

His students’ results are a testament to Ian Moore’s passion and skill as an educator. Since 1986- 2020, he has taught one hundred and forty HSC Business Studies and Economics classes.

Ian has guided twenty-four Economics and Business Studies students to finish within the ‘Top Ten’ of the state candidature for the subject in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. This included a number of students who were awarded ‘First in the State’.


Awards to the author/presenter, Ian Moore

In 2008, he was presented with the prestigious Fellowship from the Australian College of Educators for ‘Innovative Teaching in Business Studies and Economics to senior secondary students’.

In 2012 he was presented with an Honorary Fellowship from Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales for ‘imaginative and dynamic approaches for learning HSC Business Studies’.

Tyrone M Carlin. Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney

“I was fortunate enough to have been one of Ian Moore’s Economics students. Though decades have passed since I enjoyed that privilege, I can still vividly recall the passion, fun and thrill of the classroom experience he created in each lesson and what strength of motivation for learning that provided. Educators like Ian Moore set a gold standard to which those whose calling it is to teach aspire. Yet the extraordinary exposition of true innovators like Ian often remains closed to all but the select few who through sheer serendipity find themselves in his classroom. It is principally for this reason that I regard Creative Economics and Creative Business Studies as such important contributions. To the extent possible in a paper medium, this book represents the distillation of the wisdom, insight and tradecraft generated through decades of extraordinary investment in the process of teaching.

I can attest, through personal experience and through long subsequent reflection, that the approach embedded in Creative Economics represents a powerful catalyst to learning and through that, to success and all of the esteem which accompanies success. That learning approaches for Economics and Business Studies have been codified in such an engaging and accessible way in this new work will truly be to the great benefit of any student aspiring to high performance in this most challenging subject area. I highly commend this work. It will be of enormous value as a learning tool for students and in the classroom.”

Tyrone M Carlin. Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Chair of Discipline, Business Law Professor of Financial Reporting & Regulation. Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Sydney.