School Lecture Days - Economics


Dynamic student one-day workshops at your school

The focus can be HSC or Preliminary for Economics and study skills

  1. Activity-based strategies, structures and essay plans to provide confidence and motivation
  2. The lecture day can be delivered within the regular timetable or within a distinct lecture day
  3. Organise a lecture day for a teacher's panned absence
  4. At your school or join with neighbouring school/s
  5. Location - Your school
  6. $500 for the day (Additional cost for regional schools to cover travel & accommodation expenses)
  7. Your Department Head can design the focus for the lecture day
  8. The day can be combined with PD for teachers


Areas covered - 

  1.  Learning and remembering the syllabus dot points – the use of unique memory techniques
  2.  Planning and writing extended response answers effectively 
  3.  How to study and summarise effectively
  4. Specialising in one or more topics 

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