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Zoom courses for mums, dads baby carers and grandparents with babies from one month up to three years of age

- Learn how to turn playtime with your baby into fun learning time

- Times will be organised to fit into the different time zones for people living outside Australia

- Experience the thrill of hearing your baby make sounds

 - The best investment of your time with your baby

- Meet people from around the world

- Make the transition to kindergarten stress-free and fulfilling 

  1. Mums, dads and grandparents turn playtime with your baby into a jungle reading adventure, and you can teach your baby the sounds and shapes of letters without your baby or you even realising it!
  2. This program takes the form of an enchanting journey adventure, in which the rules of reading (phonics) are embedded in a story.
  3. The program utilises a sounds-based (phonics), approach to learning to read.
  4. Tips will permit you to take control of your babies' learning process
  5. It consists of stories in which different animals represent a letter of the alphabet, teaching children the 'building blocks' of reading and spelling
  6. Letters come alive in the form of birds and animals, whereby birds represent vowels and animals play consonants' role.
  7. You can help your baby learn the critical fundamentals for future reading, spelling and writing.
  8. Letters, otherwise rather bland and uninspiring, come alive by taking on animals and birds' personalities.

Each course

  1. There are three, one-hour lessons
  2. Cost of the lessons: Three, one-hour group lessons - $90
  3. Cost: Three, one-hour private lessons - $360

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One specialised course is designed to assist carers of children with learning difficulties 



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