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Teachers' course - In Sydney

  1. The course is a guide for teachers to assist children on how to learn to read and spell with confidence in an engaging context.
  2. This program takes the form of an enchanting journey adventure, in which the rules of reading and spelling are embedded in a story. The program utilises a sounds-based (phonics), approach to learning to read.
  3. Letters come alive in the form of birds and animals, whereby birds represent vowels and animals play consonants' role. 
  4. Letters, otherwise rather bland and uninspiring, come alive by taking on animals and birds' personalities. It consists of stories in which different animals represent a letter of the alphabet, teaching children the 'building blocks of reading and spelling through entertaining and engaging adventure stories.
  5. Areas covered – the consonants, short, long vowel sounds and blended sounds.
  6. It utilises a series of images to teach this linguistic skill. For instance, Doctor Do Read and the animals play games, in which the rules of the games represent rules for reading and spelling long vowel sounds.
  7. The program is broken into distinct learning stages to teach toddlers reading and spelling techniques progressively. Using a creative and entertaining approach.
  8. You will love it!

Cost of four one-hour lessons

  1. Private - $120 per hour
  2. Small group - $40 per hour

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