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For kindergarten teachers, carers and primary school teachers from Australia and around the world

- Make teaching babies and toddlers exciting. Letters come alive in the form of birds and animals, whereby birds represent vowels and animals play consonants' role. You can help the child in your care learn the critical fundamentals for making sounds, reading, spelling and writing.

- Letters, otherwise rather bland and uninspiring, come alive by taking on animals and birds' personalities.

- The course is a vehicle for you to learn how to teach children how to make sounds, read and spell with confidence in an engaging context.

  1. This program takes the form of an enchanting journey adventure, in which the rules of reading and spelling are embedded in a story.
  2. The program utilises a sounds-based (phonics), approach to learning to read.
  3. It consists of stories in which different animals represent a letter of the alphabet, teaching children the 'building blocks' of reading and spelling through entertaining and engaging adventure stories.
  4. Toddlers will learn to read the consonants, short, long vowel sounds and blended sounds.
  5. It utilises a series of images to teach this linguistic skill. For instance, Doctor Do Read and the animals play games, in which the rules of the games represent rules for reading and spelling long vowel sounds.
  6. Toddlers learn how to say and spell blended sounds such as oi, er, ch, or, ar, oo, th, ng, ow and sh. Again, images convey this lesson. During a fishing holiday, the birds and animals hear and identify familiar sounds. Doctor Do Read carves out coconut shells to make blended sounds, and animals are paired off as they blow into the coconut shells to mimic these blended sounds.
  7. The program is broken into distinct learning stages to teach toddlers reading and spelling techniques progressively. Using a creative and entertaining approach.

Each course

  1. There are three, one-hour lessons
  2. Cost of the lessons: Three, one-hour group lessons - $90
  3. Cost: Three, one-hour private lessons - $360

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