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Preliminary and HSC Economics coaching for students

Delivery:  Zoom/Webinar 

  1. Join Ian’s Economics coaching, on the net, in a relaxed friendly environment in a small group or a private class
  2. These lessons will help you regain or develop your love of Economics
  3. Save travelling time
  4. Ian will provide you with the skills to walk into an exam room with confidence
  5. Do you need more marks for Economics to enter your dream university course or do you need help to survive year 11 and 12?

Which Webinar class is right for you?

  1. Small elite coaching group for 'high achieving' students
  2. Small coaching group for 'up and coming' students
  3.  'One on One' coaching lessons

The lessons will 

  1. Focus on unique memory techniques to remember the Economics syllabus content, under exam pressure
  2. Explore unique multiple choice and short answer examination techniques
  3. Explore potential HSC Economics Extended Response questions
  4. Simulate the HSC Economics exam by applying examination planning techniques to questions
  5. Develop model Economics answers 
  6. Build confidence in Economics
  7. Draw upon the knowledge that Ian has gained by interviewing prominent Australians Click here to read more...


During the lessons, you will learn how to 

  1. Construct short Economics summarises into usable exam inputs
  2. Study effectively at night
  3. Develop and apply useful memory aids and mindmaps to key syllabus points and extended response answers
  4. Respond to the different style of exam questions
  • •           Multiple choice question 
  • •           Short answer responses
  • •           Extended responses


Exam techniques: you will learn 

  1. Use the ‘directive/action verbs’ and how these verbs can change the focus of answers
  2. How to allocate time between the sections in the exam 
  3. How to format your short answer and extended responses
  4. How to prepare plans for extended response and business reports at home
  5. How to prepare plans for extended response under exam conditions
  6. How to write introductions and conclusions
  7. How to work out the calculations with easy
  8. How to incorporate contemporary issues into your answers
  9. How to effectively construct logical arguments in your extended response answers
  10. How to incorporate diagrams into your extended response answers

Join a private or small group

  1. A 10-week coaching program  (with an additional free introduction lesson)
  2. Why not get together with a group of your friends to form a class?
  3. To book a class email:  [email protected]


  1. $35 to be part of the small group 
  2. $120 per hour for private coaching

Read the testimonials by former students 

Spiro. Student 2020

• "Ian's passion and teaching methods transferred me from being an above-average student to an excelling student.

• Ian drummed into me a disciplined study system, a brilliant exam approach, and a unique memory system that helped me recall the syllabus".

Luke. Student 2020

• "I received a 97 ATAR. When I started year 12, I thought I would receive an ATAR mark of 90 and, I even thought I was going to drop out in year 10.

• I am grateful for Ian’s approach for inspiring me.

• Ian's Study and exam skills lectures were invaluable".

Thomas. Student 2020

• "Ian exposed me to a unique method of mnemonic memory techniques.

• These memory techniques, study approaches and exam skills allowed me to dedicate time to answering past exam questions. I undertook a similar approach in my other subjects".

Joshua. Student 2020

• "I could easily access Ian's memory tricks in the HSC exam and link them to complex arguments".

Anthony Makragelidis. Band 6 Achiever

• “My experience with Creative Classroom’s HSC Economics has been incredibly rewarding! Its unique and innovative system of learning was refreshing and engaging and furthered my understanding of the requirements of the Business Studies course'".

Tyrone M Carlin. Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney

• “I was fortunate enough to have been one of Ian Moore’s Economics students. Though decades have passed since I enjoyed that privilege.

•  I can still vividly recall the passion, fun and thrill of the classroom experience he created in each lesson and what strength of motivation for learning that provided.

• Educators like Ian Moore set a gold standard to which those whose calling it is to teach aspire. 

• Through personal experience and long subsequent reflection, I can attest that Ian's Creative approach is a powerful catalyst to learning.

• I highly commend this work. It will be of enormous value as a learning tool”.

Tim Dixon. Founder of Leading Edge Education / Leading Edge Economics

• “Being a student in Ian Moore’s Economics classes was a highlight of my school years. Ian has brought Business Studies and Economics to life for generations of students. 

• Like his classroom lessons, Creative Economics is rich in innovative and unconventional learning techniques. This is a lifetime of classroom experience, distilled into one book

• Ian's passion and teaching methods transferred me from being an above-average student to an excelling student.

• Ian drummed into me a disciplined study system, a brilliant exam approach, and a unique memory system that helped me recall the syllabus".

Alex Malley. Former Chief Executive CPA Australia Ltd

• To students – These courses and books share years of experience and passion that has helped many thousands of pupils on their way to outstanding careers.

•  It will help you learn, focus, plan and succeed.

• To parents – our greatest joy is to see our children reach their potential – this guide will help them on their way to do that. Ian Moore and his long-standing works can be relied upon and trusted – he wants your children to be everything that you and they wish to be. Teachers are such an extraordinary resource for the community.

• When they maintain the passion for over 40 years, remain unstinting about their students' welfare and constantly drive you nuts talking about them you know you have met the consummate educator – his name is Ian Moore.

Alexander Gow. Executive Director, Macquarie Bank

•  In 1984 I was a struggling student with no interest in Economics or school. By the end of the year, thanks to similar techniques Ian offers today, I received a mark of 98 for 2 unit Economics and 49 (out of 50) for the 3 unit course. My sons were coached by Ian and I have observed how these techniques were applied today.

•  These marks are quite irrelevant, but what is important is that the foundations laid in those classes put me in a position to comfortably and confidently understand Business,

•   In my position as the Head of Foreign Exchange Forwards Division of Macquarie Bank, I can still on a daily basis recall some of the fundamentals instilled by Ian’s structures in the 1980s. 

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